Sunday, June 5, 2011


It never came—or at least not yet—but Jeremy did surf this new amber egg for the first time on that not-so-fateful day in May.

This one is 6'6" x I can't remember x I still can't remember. Moonlight glass, tint, wetsanded gloss. Bamboo quad fins from Marlin.

Enjoy the pics.

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jeremy said...

I surfed the Apocalypse at 33's on my new egg shown above. It was me and my dad for as far as the eye could see. The day was rather magical. The board (my first in 7 years) rode like a pelican on Red Bull. It was fast and flowed with speed and precision. It sailed into waves easily for its size and turned on trajectories I have not experienced before. It had great speed and dug into cut backs with stylish force. Randy did a great job shaping the board and offering his expertise every step of the way. The honey amber egg is fantastic. Thanks Randy!